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Product Name: Anavar 10 mg
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Oxandrolone
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Anavar is a man-made steroid, similar to the hormone testosterone in the human body, buy anavar online. The active substance in this drug is actually Oxandrolone, which is used in medicine to help people who can’t put on or keep a decent amount of weight for medical reasons, where to buy anavar online ?.

Buy Anavar Online

This drug can help with recovering weight lost after clinical operations, major injury, or persistent illnesses. . Therefore, Anavar made by Dragon Pharma is an anabolic steroid that is used to motivate the improvement of muscle tissue.

Side Effects of Anavar 

An athlete’s muscles do not accumulate water during the use of Anavar, buy anavar online which makes it possible to increase strength without sudden mass increase. For many athletes, this is very important, because it allows you to increase strength without changing the weight category.

The Proper Method of Taking Anavar

However, if you properly combine Oxandrolone with other drugs, you can mutually strengthen their effect and get an excellent result in the form of an increase in body weight.

Combined cycles

If you are a beginner, a combination of Oxandrolone + Primobolan (or Boldenone) will be an excellent combination for you.

This combination will increase power capabilities and with its help you can gain a significant weight.

In addition, it will be relatively safe in terms of side effects, buy anavar online.

Side effects

Anavar does not have strong androgenicity, so it does not aromatize. This means that sensitive athletes who suffer from hypertension or are prone to gynecomastia can take Oxandrolone without additional combinations.

Even if the dosage is significantly exceeded, Anavar practically does not inhibit the production of natural testosterone, this is because Oxandrolone is not subject to conversion to estrogens.

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